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13 Jan

Debut ep out January 27th!

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Front cover

Jolienoire | ep

Hi kids! Great news! We’ll be releasing our debut ep, Jolienoire | ep, on January 27th on Trondheim Calling. It’s been a long ride, but who cares? It’s out in a few days!

The ep will be released on 12″ vinyl 45RPM on Frankly Dear Records. Tracklisting:

  1. Over You
  2. And it’s All That
  3. I Don’t Know How To Stop You, No
  4. Boring News

As mentioned a billion times it’s recorded in Harry’s Gym, Oslo, with Linn Nystadnes form Deathcrush as producer. Mastered by Morten in Redroom. Sleeve design by us (mostly Ola).

Where can I get it you ask? Well, we’ll drop it off in selected record stores and are also working on getting it available in iTunes/Spotify etc (not the vinyl obviously). You can also buy it from our cold hands yourself at Brukbar the 27th, at upcoming gigs (no gigs scheduled, doh!) or just drop us a message somewhere and we’ll send/hand it to you for a small amount of hard earned cash. Someone also said something about BandCamp? We’ll look into it.

A Sneak Peek is also available:

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